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Welcome home - to the Haddock familyhistory home page, that is.Come on in, stay awhile, and meet the folks.

He was one of the best men I've ever known and also was my best friend !!!

This is my Dad William Henry Haddock

1924 - 1993 . born in Quincy Ca and died in Cda. Idaho

No one person ever liked to go fishing more than my Grandpa.!!

He worked all his life asa carpenter, and another good man.

This is my Grandfather Houston Jefferson Haddock

1900 - 1975 . born in Vinson Ok and died in Madera Ca.

There's not much I know about my Great Grandfather, other than he was from Ok. and was a farmer.

1852 - 1927 . born in Ga.and died in Vinson Ok.

This is my Great Grandfather William Henry Haddock

My Great Great Grandfather

Josiah 'Joe' Haddock aka.The Bull 1835 - 1880 . born in Tn. and died in Ark.

My Great Great Great Grandfather

David Crenshaw Haddock 1806- 1875 . born in Greenville Nc. and died in Ga.

My Great Great Great GreatGrandfather

Zacharia Haddock 1779 -1842 . born in Nc. and died in Mo.

My Great Great Great GreatGreat Grandfather

John Haddock Jr. 1741 -1822 . born in Nc. and died in Ga.

My Great Great Great GreatGreat Great Grandfather

John Sr. B: ca 1721 St. Mary's Co., MD D: 18 May 1809 Pitt Co., NC.

John christened 30 Mar 1653 D: 1722 Maryland

Sir Admiral Richard B: 1623 Middlesex Co., England D: 6 Feb 1714-15 London

Sir Admiral William B: Apr 1607 Leigh-on-the-sea, Essex. D: 22 Sep 1667

Capt. Richard B:L 10 Dec 1581 London D: 22 May 1660 London

Richard B: 6 Mar 1659-60

Robert B: ca 1525 D: 1571 Essex

Richard B: ca 1480 D: after 1538 Leigh-on-the-sea, Essex

Richard B: ca 1430 Essex D: 1483


As for myself,

I was born in Madera Calif.and lived there until about 1980 then moved to North Idaho and started working for the Bonner County Sheriffs Dept. for about 9years .
And now I'm a Gen. contractor in Caldwell, Idaho.

I also love to play Old country and western, Bluegrass.

This is Me Ronald Houston Haddock


A Tribute to my Dad



My Son Ron, now living in Redding Calif. and now in collage for computers.-----Good Luck

1972 . . Ronald Houston Haddock Jr. Born in Redding Ca.



1996 My Grandson Elliott Haddock Born in Redding Ca.



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Here is where you can order books on the HADDOCK 's

"Haddock Heritage, 2nd edition, 2003, by Donna Haddock Cooper3323 Renick e-mail: donnaclayton@ponyexpress.netSt. Joseph, MO 64507price: $116 + $10 shipping and handling.Donna is a professional genealogist who has put some 40 years of research into this book. Format and documentation conforms to professional style and standards."                                                                         

The Haddock

"Family Trails"                                                                         Ledgendsof the Haddock family

Oleta Haddock                                                                                                   GeraldHaddock

POB 67                                                                                                               339E. Jefferson

Vendor, Ark 72683                                                                                              Wheaton,ILL60187

(501)434-5546                                                                                                     (630)668-1215

$ 25.00 pdd                                                                                                           $20.00 pdd


Haddock, Billy D., 1991, Haddock Family History,Bridging Generational Gaps: A Psychological Perspective on the HaddockFamily. 124 pp. The Southwest Center for Counselling & Development,Publications Division, College Station, Texas. Copies available from Dr.Bill Haddock, P.O. Box 9459, College Station, TX 77840 Postpaid $45. -an interesting book about a relatively small branch of the family in Texas.

Haddock, Hugh R., and Haddock, Orpha V., 1976,Legends of the Haddock Family. 344 pp. Private Publication. Copies availablefrom Gerald Haddock, 339 E. Jefferson, Wheaton, IL 60187. (630) 668-1215Postpaid $20. E-mail: yainax@sbcglobal.net Primarily about Haddocks in BarryCo., MO and their descendants all over the U.S. An attractive hardbackbook listing some 1700 Haddocks.

Haddock, John Newton, 1964, The Haddock Familyof Essex, England, Pitt County, North Carolina and Georgia, U.S.A. A privatemimeographed publication, out of print. Author deceased.

Haddock, William Herman,and Haddock, Oleta (Holt),1989, The Haddock Family Trails. 266 pp. Dogwood Printing, Ozark, MO 65721.Copies available from Oleta Holt Haddock, P.O. Box 67, Vendor, AR 72683.(501) 434-5546. Postpaid #37.50. A substantial work in paperback. Well-documentedgenealogy of Haddocks in Independence Co., AR.

Hardee, Marie Haddock, 1995, The Ancestors andDescendants of Jesse J. Haddock and Martha Jane Stocks: Private publication.Copies available from Marie Haddock Hardee, Rt. 20, Box 97, Greenville,NC (501) 434-2358. Postpaid $45. Softback copy, Exceptionally well-documentedmaterial on Pitt Co., NC Haddocks.

Haydock, Thomas Carmichael, (Mike) Computer databaseof more than 30,000 American Haddocks. Documents descendants of more than60 separate Haddock families whose ancestor came to North America. Descendantsof John Haddock, Sr., Pitt Co., NC are by far the most numerous. Informationfree. Please share what Haddock information you have to add to the database. Thomas C. Haydock, Jr., 11 Par Club Circle, Village of Golf, FL 33436-5299(561) 369-5901 E-Mail haydock@ix.netcom.com

Koontz, Dewie Lucas, 1989, The Haddock Familyof Cypress Inn, Wayne Co., TN and Descendants. 138 pp. Private publication.Copies available from Dewie Koontz, 1807 Doss Circle, Arlington, TX 76013.Postpaid $24 hardbound, $15 flexible vinyl binding. An excellent presentationof Tennessee Haddocks.

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A special thanks to Mike Haydock

and DR.Bill Haddock

and ">Gerald Haddock

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